Service Desk for Airports & Airlines

Is your airport in need of a world-class IT service desk?

Developed specifically for airports and airlines, Service Desk ensures the availability of services that your customers rely on.

Already supporting the world’s largest and busiest airports, Service Desk is a cost effective and efficient centralized function, through which service issues of all types can be managed.

Whether you require a simple first line of support or managed escalation to experts, Service Desk can help accelerate turnaround times for IT issues and improve customer service satisfaction.

Our Service Desk can help you

  • Remove the costs and risks associated with creating your own service desk
  • Improve customer service satisfaction
  • Increase levels of availability via a 24/7 365-day service
  • Improve communications regarding IT issues and problems
  • Deliver faster responses to customer requests
  • Gain immediate access to an IT expert

Our Service Desk Capabilities

  • Ability to manage all aspects of a service issue
  • Access to a highly qualified team of IT analysts via a single point of contact
  • Availability 24/7, 365 days per year
  • Scalability to suit an airport’s precise requirements
  • Capability to integrate alongside existing onsite airport IT support services

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How Service Desk works

Service Desk teams help the world’s largest and busiest airports to support their IT systems, safeguard their reputation and protect their revenue:

Reduces risk & costs

By outsourcing service desk requirements to ServiceTec, airports can both reduce and avoid the costs and risks related to the infrastructure needed to run these services in-house (including office space, equipment and utilities).

Straightforward IT Support

Offering a single point of contact for all types of IT service issues, Service Desk handles IT issues quickly, professionally and cost-effectively. Service Desk ensures IT impacted services are restored with the utmost efficiency.

Delegates problems

Delegate the responsibility and burden of recruitment, staff retention, training and resource management, along with their associated risks and costs.

Comprehensive IT support

From notification, escalation and stakeholder communication through to supplier management and service restoration, our specialist teams successfully manage over 100,000 airport IT service issues each year.

Proven capacity

Combined with our airport IT Support Service, ServiceTec offers improved service availability, as well as enhanced customer satisfaction. All are scalable to suit any airport’s precise requirements.

ITIL Conformant service desk

Service Desk uses ITIL best practice guided processes, developed specifically for airports and airlines. Continual Service Improvements methods and approaches are also applied, ensuring the highest quality of service is always delivered.

Speak to our team about Service Desk

Speak to the ServiceTec team today

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+1 703 259 4000 +44 (0) 1462 476200

The Point of Communication between the service provider and all of its users.” – Service Desk (ITIL)