Reliable IT Support Services for Airports & Airlines

Avoid disruption through world-class managed IT support

Designed solely for supporting the aviation industry, ServiceTec ensures the reliability of IT services across your organization. With dedicated onsite support operating exclusively in the aviation sector, ServiceTec maximizes availability and maintains a high quality of services for your customers.

Our IT Support Services can help you

  • Maximize availability of services
  • Eliminate root causes & prevent reoccurring incidents
  • Minimize service disruption
  • Improve control of risk via impact analysis
  • Identify service weaknesses & vulnerabilities
  • Quickly restore services
  • Stabilize and continually improve services
  • Reduce overall costs

Our Capabilities in IT Support Services

  • Comprehensive onsite and on-call coverage
  • 24/7 access the best specialists in airport IT solutions
  • Support for every type of airport service
  • Alignment of IT activities to real-time business priorities
  • Assessment of inefficient IT support services and resources and their impact
  • Automation of many processes via ServiceTec’s Airport Managed Service Solutions
  • Support and maintenance delivery using best practice framework guidance (ITIL)

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IT Support Services Literature

How it works

Every IT support need covered

Operating within extremely stringent IT Service Level Agreements (SLAs), whilst applying best practices at some of the world’s busiest airports, our team of engineers meet the support needs of every IT-based service within an airport’s IT infrastructure.

Comprehensive systems knowledge

From PCs, iOS, mobile devices and network support all the way through to self-service kiosks, check-in desks, boarding gates and system administration, our experts have the experience to deliver outstanding service availability and network support.

24/7 world-class IT Support

With an enviable international reputation, ServiceTec is proud to be delivering IT support services to many of the world’s largest and busiest airports, including London Heathrow, JFK and Amsterdam Airport Schipol.

Onsite expertise

With an expert team of IT support engineers located on site, day and night, 7 days a week, ServiceTec’s proactive approach often results in the identification, communication and resolution of service issues before it impacts an airport’s critical services. ServiceTec’s engineers are some of the leading experts in the precise requirements of airport and airline IT systems.

IT support specifically designed for airports

Furthermore, as an outsourced IT support service which is designed specifically for the airport and airline industry, ServiceTec is able to assist the world’s airports in avoiding the costs and risks associated with maintaining an internal IT support department which consistently overwhelms their internal resources.

Backed up and supported by a fully compliant Service Desk function, ServiceTec’s IT Support Services and network support experts are the number one choice for airports and airlines around the world.

Transform your IT support

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+1 703 259 4000 +44 (0) 1462 476200

 “All of the hardware, software, networks, facilities, etc., that are required to develop, test, deliver, monitor, control or support IT Services. The term IT Infrastructure includes all of the Information Technology but not the associated people, processes and documentation (these are resources).” – IT Infrastructure (ITIL)

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