Powerful IT Asset Management for Airports & Airlines

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IT asset management is, typically, a complex and time-consuming task for any airport or airline. Thousands of devices, deployed across multiple locations, many now going home with employees, has amplified the need to maintain a comprehensive and meaningful database facilitating ready access to information about your IT assets such as:

  • Location/Responsible person
  • Stage in equipment lifecycle
  • Software update status
  • Warranty/Maintenance history
  • Applicable services


Linked to our Service Desk solution, ServiceTec’s Configuration Management Database (CMDB), provides a powerful and precise solution to help you improve visibility and increase control of your airport’s IT assets.

Our IT Asset Management solution can help you

  • Demonstrate control of IT assets, including spares inventory
  • Easily access details such as location, status and history
  • Log and trace all updates and changes to your IT assets
  • Ensure essential software updates have been installed
  • Monitor the performance of periodic tasks, such as preventative maintenance
  • Analyze IT asset performance and trends
  • Undertake more efficient problem management
  • Improve forecasting and planning for IT asset refresh
  • Capture the true support cost for specific IT assets

Our Capabilities in Asset Management

  • Log and trace all updates and changes to your assets
  • Demonstrate control of assets and services
  • Undertake more efficient problem management
  • Capture the true cost of IT assets
  • Improve forecasting and planning for change
  • Improve compliance with standards and legal & regulatory obligations

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IT Asset Management Literature

How it works

ITIL conformant asset management

ServiceTec’s Service Asset and Configuration Management (SACM) is an ITIL based asset management solution suitable for facilities, finance and maintenance management departments across airports and airlines.

By accepting data from many different sources (including manual input during installation or audit, bar code technology and via network discovery tools), SACM makes IT asset management at airports significantly easier.

Simple to upgrade and secure

The system imports data from existing technologies or legacy asset management systems, allowing customers with a simple asset database to upgrade to SACM.

Developed using Microsoft.net technology and the popular SQL server as a database platform, ServiceTec’s asset management system is completely secure. It allows airport management teams to tailor features to their precise requirements.

Highly professional approach

Prior to carrying out an asset audit, and as part of the initial installation procedure, ServiceTec’s experts establish appropriate input methods and determine the level of data that needs to be captured.

All relevant data is recorded into a dedicated CMDB by importing existing data to record legacy equipment, carrying out physical site audits and utilizing discovery technology, where possible.

Assurances guaranteed

ServiceTec’s SACM delivers the specific capabilities demanded by all airports, so that information and renewal alerts on warranties, maintenance and routine inspections can be efficiently managed.

Powerful reporting

Documents, pictures and other files (such as digital photographs, CAD drawings, maps, purchase orders, warranty and service level agreements) can be linked to each asset. This provides a centralized repository of all information relating to that asset.

Powerful customized reporting capabilities allow users to generate their own reports quickly, easily and without the need for an IT specialist’s involvement.

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“Service Configuration Management practice is the practice of ensuring that accurate and reliable information about the configuration of services and the configuration items that support them are available when and where they are needed” (ITIL)