CAA ASSURE Support Service

Is your airport meeting the new NISD requirements?

With the introduction of the mandatory Network Information Systems Directive (NISD) regulatory requirements, the need for the aviation industry to ensure a robust and compliant Cybersecurity framework has never been greater.

ServiceTec’s CAA ASSURE Support Team provides airports and airlines with ongoing independent and objective expertise on the ASSURE lifecycle & audit process. Providing a comprehensive service that covers all aspects, from critical systems scoping to evidence pack assembly and remediation planning, ServiceTec can support you to become fully compliant with the NISD regulations.

In addition to possessing extensive cybersecurity experience in supporting airports and other aviation IT services, ServiceTec also benefits from having been consulted on the development of the NIS legislation and ASSURE Process, further affirming that ServiceTec (and its AST Alliance partners) is best placed to support you during the compliance process.

Our ASSURE support team can help you

  • Guide your organisation to successfully complete ASSURE requirements
  • Determine the critical systems required for ASSURE assessment
  • Understand and progress through each stage of the ASSURE self-assessment process
  • Identify areas requiring focus and improvement, and make appropriate recommendations to achieve compliance
  • Interpret and integrate CAF best practices into existing management systems
  • Communicate with ASSURE auditors to ensure a smooth process
  • Provide a tailored approach that meets the needs of your specific, unique circumstances

Our Capabilities

  • Our Assure Support Team is made up of recognised world-class experts in both aviation and cybersecurity
  • We understand governance; our team was consulted throughout the development of NIS legislation & ASSURE process
  • We understand cybersecurity; we have experience applying the underlying CAF Indicators of Good Practice in Operational environments and across customers of all sizes
  • We can advise on best practices and how to best use the CAF for Aviation and integrate into existing management systems
  • We are aviation-cybersecurity focused and have a record of success across ANSPs and airports
  • We apply modern security expectations to operational environments across the aviation sector
  • We work in aviation every day and bring a deep understanding of the sector alongside an understanding of security needs

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How it works

Watch: An Overview of the CAA Assure Accreditation Process for UK Aviation

Learn about ASSURE, what it means for your organisation and how it relates to the NIS regulation.

Understanding ASSURE

ASSURE is an accredited cybersecurity auditing model created by the UK Civil Aviation Authority (CAA). Involving a rigorous and continuous auditing process, the ASSURE scheme supports CAA’s approach to cybersecurity oversight and regulations. Achieving the ASSURE framework enables airports, airlines and air navigation service providers to manage their cyber-security risks without compromising aviation safety, security or resilience, and to support the UK government’s national cyber-security strategy.

Aviation organisations are now required to complete a self-assessment of their managed cybersecurity to ensure they are compliant with the mandatory regulatory standards.

Support Available from ServiceTec through the Assure Support Team

Advice on Assure and Cyber Security Training: Executive, Managerial and Technical Critical Systems Scoping and CAF Completion Complete Assure Audit Support Supply Chain Ongoing Service
On hand to offer advice to board members, managers and technical staff Training on all aspects of Assure and Cyber Security Available to help you complete this complex scoping exercise and CAF evidence completion Support at every stage of the audit process (including any remediation steps) Identify, mitigate and manage security risks through your entire supply chain Here to support you through multiple audit cycles

Start your journey to ASSURE compliance.

Speak to the ServiceTec team today

Call Now:

+1 703 259 4000 +44 (0) 1462 476200