IT Consultancy for Airports

Our experience in your hands

Imagine being able to talk to a trusted advisor about what’s trending in the Aviation IT space. Better yet, how about engaging that advisor specifically about your unique airport environment – one who helps you navigate through any level IT project?

With over 30 years of experience delivering independent IT services at many airports around the world, ServiceTec is that trusted advisor.

How our IT Consultancy can help you

  • Benefit from comprehensive aviation IT industry knowledge
  • Gain an independent perspective from a trusted advisor
  • Leverage new skills in the latest industry technologies and methodologies
  • Deploy a value-driven approach to IT service improvement
  • Evaluate and enhance existing operations through a best practice lens
  • Successfully manage key projects without dedicating valuable in-house resources

Benefits to you

  • Partnership through collaboration
  • Optimize and enhance your existing IT services structure
  • Empowers you to focus on strategic initiatives
  • Manages milestones

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Leveraging 30+ years of experience

We understand the challenges of implementing new technologies and processes in the fast paced and complex setting of any size airport. Using best practice methodologies, we provide clients with insights throughout the project lifecycle. Our IT Consultancy services are specifically designed to help your airport benefit from a wealth of industry knowledge and experience, with an agile approach that meets your operational needs.

Alternatively, we can present you with the potential to optimize and enhance – rather than replace – your airport’s existing IT systems, services, and support structure. Over the technology lifecycle, this approach can translate into significant cost savings for the airport. Our team will work closely alongside your existing staff and suppliers to provide insights aimed to complement and improve existing practices.

A typical IT Consultancy project might include a review and recommendation regarding the configuration of support tools and associated processes at your airport, to better align them with your business objectives.

Continual Service Improvement

At ServiceTec, we utilize a white-glove approach and follow-up our consultancy efforts by scheduling a series of subsequent monthly or quarterly site visits. Often, this schedule is determined based on the milestones of your unique project and it ensures client satisfaction. Additionally, these follow-up visits can help the airport to realize continual service improvements to operations and across your entire IT infrastructure and ultimately, further enhance the delivery of IT Services. Your success is our top priority and as such, you can expect that ServiceTec will be with you every step of the way.

Speak to the ServiceTec team about our technical capabilities:

Call Now:

+1 703 259 4000 +44 (0) 1462 476200