Regional Airports: The challenge of maintaining IT service levels with fewer people and resources

Things have really changed

The airport and airline industry is still waiting anxiously for the return to business as usual. Businesses in the sector are hurting and there is no denying that we are all in tough place. Even now, the ‘green list’ in most countries is small and seemingly ever-changing rules on who can travel where, when and whether or not they have to self-isolate when they get there, is adding to the uncertainty.

The reality many recognize is that, despite having been used as a benchmark for the last 18 months, 2019’s passenger figures are increasingly less likely to be returned to for some time. Indeed, even in the absence of COVID, the ways we do business have fundamentally changed for many people across the world, and that is just one example of why passenger numbers will take time to recover.

Do regional airports have it toughest?

The whole sector is suffering, and airports across the world face some undeniable challenges. An interesting question is what will the impact be on the world’s regional airports? Even before the pandemic, smaller airports faced a tough task of delivering the same base-level of service expected at any airport large or small, but with fewer people and resources. Now facing further reductions in budget and headcount, regional airports arguably have it toughest of all.

Catherine McKinnell (MP for Newcastle North in the UK) recently raised some interesting points in a UK parliamentary debate (7th July – ‘Future of Regional Airports’). Most poignantly she stated “the loss of expertise will leave us with a less dynamic aviation sector when the recovery comes”.

But recovery will come

Experts agree that the appetite for travel and a recovery to higher and more predictable passenger numbers (which may still seem like the stuff of dreams right now) is certainly going to happen. The questions are how quickly will it happen? And can we ensure we will be ready? Many in the sector are also recognizing that the contribution they make to the recovery right now is likely to influence the role their business plays in the sector in future.

Do more with less?

So, it is no secret that our industry has suffered greatly. Many have been forced to let good people go, and thereby lose an incredible wealth of combined talent, knowledge and experience. And with government financial support across the world now winding down and airports facing the realities of reduced budgets and fewer resources going forward, we are increasing helping regional airports tackle the new and very real challenges of the delivering the same or higher levels of IT service and availability without the resources, expertise or budgets they are used to having.

ServiceTec can help

ServiceTec understands the difficult decisions UK airports have been forced to make and the impact this pandemic has had on our industry. We only work in IT support at airports, so we really do get it.

If you have a requirement within your IT infrastructure that isn’t currently delivering at the levels you need, or if you are finding new skills gaps within your organization due to a reduction or redeployment of colleagues, we are very well positioned to help you to address those challenges. Let’s talk.

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