Q4 2019

A reputation three decades in the making

2019 marks a significant milestone in the history of ServiceTec as we celebrate three decades of world-class managed IT services for leading airports and airlines across the globe. This landmark year forms the ideal platform for reflecting on our journey, our strengths and the shared values that fuelled our passion and commitment to success.

A well-earned reputation

Ensuring that the right solution is delivered every time to every customer is what we at ServiceTec pride ourselves on the most. As a result, we have built and continue to maintain an enviable reputation as one of the industry’s most reliable and trusted services providers, having delivered multiple best-in-class projects to a diverse range of airports and airlines around the world.

We know that our standing and reputation over all these years is a direct result of the dedication and collaboration of each and every team member at ServiceTec. We appreciate that our value as service providers is our people; the committed attitude and aptitude of each individual drives our business. Our 30th anniversary provides us with the perfect opportunity to jointly reflect on our strengths and celebrate our successes:

1. An unrivalled understanding

Technologies may have changed over 30 years, along with the way services are delivered, yet our hunger to maintain the highest standards has never diminished. We have always ensured that we remain technically accomplished and continue to develop a deep understanding of both the needs of our airport partners as well as their stakeholders. Moreover, and unlike other IT companies, as we work exclusively in airports, our appreciation and knowledge of airport systems are unrivalled.

2. Being adaptable

ServiceTec is renowned for delivering IT support to a host of international airports of varying sizes. At one end of the scale we work with the likes of London Heathrow, Amsterdam Airport Schiphol, Los Angeles International and Dallas Fort Worth International, but we also deliver value to airports with more modest passenger and carrier numbers. Being able to adapt, and possessing scalable service models, allows us to tailor our services to a broad range of airports across the world, customising the right solutions for very specific needs.

3. Developing a 360° perspective

The dynamics of every airport are unique. Each has its own complex and highly sophisticated infrastructure, with communities of different people and systems synchronising all efforts and working together to ensure smooth, efficient operations and movement of travellers on a daily basis.

Yet, one small error within any part of this chain can bring about chaos. A comprehensive understanding of each airport’s own nuances, how all areas fit together along with external factors is, therefore, vital and something that ServiceTec goes to great lengths to achieve. This deep insight into the workings and critical nature of all systems in our airports gives us the ability to prioritise incidents, be responsive to individual needs and put contingencies in place to foresee and prevent potential future problems.

4. Striving for synergy

Over the years, we have successfully partnered with airports and airlines in the US, Canada, Europe and beyond to ensure the ongoing availability of business and mission-critical systems. As vendor-independent aviation industry specialists, our services are tailored to meet the specific requirements and objectives of airports and airlines. It is, therefore, vital that we synergise our knowledge and expertise with their unique environments; effectively combining and coordinating systems and working styles to maximise results.

5. Going beyond the service

Obviously, we deliver services, but we do much more than that; we deliver value, whether that be increasing availability, dependability, productivity, or the life of equipment. This value is what our customers appreciate above all else. The relationships and solutions we build do not simply focus on one area of technical support; they consider the whole picture.

6. The adoption of best practice

Underlying our business and working culture has been our longstanding adoption of the ITIL Best Practice Framework. It runs through our core, so much so that it is now a consulting service we offer to help improve our customers’ communication and create efficiencies in their IT departments.

7. Working with the best people

Our team comprises some of the world’s leading experts in airport and airline IT systems. They are technically astute, customer-focused problem solvers who pay attention to every detail and care about doing the very best job that they can. Our expert IT support team boast unrivalled knowledge and experience to deliver outstanding levels of IT services and network support required from today’s airports: workstations, mobile devices, self-service kiosks, check-in desks, boarding gates, flight information displays, network support, system administration and more.

8. Building the right culture

Integral to the success of ServiceTec is, undoubtedly, its culture. In fact, it is embedded in the company’s identity; the ServiceTec name derives from “Service Culture; Technical Excellence” and this remains as important today as it did when the company was first established in 1989. We have worked extremely hard throughout the decades to create the ‘ServiceTec culture’: customer-driven, flexible and always going the extra mile to get the job done. As a result, we have enjoyed tremendous success over the years, always being referred to as ‘good people’ by our valued customers, and will continue to appreciate and take pride in the highly respected culture and ethos that we have built.

9. Always looking forward

To this day, we never rest on our laurels; ServiceTec continually looks to develop its collective skillset to help customers overcome existing and new challenges. Understanding the developments, trends and technologies in airports is one reason we have become a frequent participant in airport/airline industry bodies including the ACI-NA World Business Partner Program (ACI-NA) and Airport Consultants Council (ACC).